Reset Q Wraith Unlimited Phase Glitch v2

*ANOTHER EXPLOIT AT END OF VIDEO* Submit your videos at and message me directly at

Whats up guys here I want to bring you another version of the apex legends wraith unlimited phase glitch. This one does not require you to kill yourself, so thats a huge plus. I want to thank everyone who subscribed and as always you will be getting the glitch videos first! If you have any content you would like to submit, whether it be cool videos or other unknown glitches, you can submit them to /r/apexvids or message me directly at /u/apexvids Onto the exploit With this exploit you simply climb an object while phased and then melee at the top. Its a simple trick, does not take a lot of practice and can be done on a variety of objects from trees, boxes and walls.

I would like to thank tapoutking75 on twitch for submitting this glitch to me. We also have another glitch, this is a pc out of bounds glitch. Should I release this one? Please let me know in the comments below your thoughts.

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